Whangarei Heads Tourist Drive

Take the coastal drive out, and the “high road” home!

Whangarei Heads Tourist Drive, newly signposted in May 2012,begins at Whangarei Town Basin and culminates at Ocean Beach on the Pacific Ocean coast.

Car drivers and motorbike tourists alike,  will love the round trip around the hilly, curvy roads on Whangarei Heads. Wonderful new views seem to emerge around every bend.

You can drive down the harbourside Whangarei Heads Road enjoying all the little beaches until you get to Parua Bay where you might choose to stop for refreshment at The Parua Bay Tavern . For more details, and other options Click Whangarei Heads Dining.

To make a round trip back, turn inland into the sealed Owhiwa Road, between the Parua Bay Tavern and the Parua Bay School. This route gives several excellent long range views of both the coast and the harbour as you twist and turn along your way. Owhiwa Road becomes Mt Tiger Road with more twists as you climb even higher, and the spectacular views continue joining up Parua Bay and Whareora.

At the end of Mt Tiger Road, you either turn left to go back into Whangarei City or for a longer tourist trip , turn right into Whareora Road and then left into Harris Road and you will be on the road to Kiripaka, Ngunguru and Tutukaka. Click Maps of the Area.

The roads beyond Parua Bay are also attractive - Taraunui Road (inland), Pataua South Road and its side arms go to the coast in several places while the main Whangarei Heads Road goes all the way to Ocean Beach. Most are fully sealed roads.