Whangarei Heads consists of several communities, many of them with their own individual identity through village hall ,community and ratepayer groups. Whilst this website has a focus on tourism, it will provide news and information for visitors and local residents alike. In addition, our Business Services pages offer  advertising opportunities for local commerce, and a reference point for local residents and visitors who are looking for products and services.

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Whangarei Heads has been represented on the Whangarei District Council for 6 years by Councillor Warwick Syers.During that time he wrote to the local community on a regular basis and we have, with his permission, been publishing his letter on this site. In the 2013 Elections Warwick stood for Mayor, but decided not to also stand for Council. In the results Sheryl Mai was elected Mayor of Whangarei, which means that Warwick will not be involved in Council this term. Whangarei Heads Tourism Group wish to acknowledge Cr Syers'  work on behalf of the district generally and his Whangarei Heads ward specifically. In thanking him, we obviously wish him well for the future.

Warwick's replacement as council representative for Whangarei Heads is Greg Innes at Preliminary results stage, although there is a very small margin between his vote, and those cast for Kim Jones.

Image credit to Alan Squires